Last updated on: 01 June 2023
13-08-2021 - 30-06-2024

SkillsFuture Singapore (SSG)
Part Time
In summary, Cyber Security 101 course proposed by Caretech168 aims to educate:
• the public on how to mitigate cyber-attacks on their desktops to protect their personal data and the business environment they are connected to
• Security Personnel on the importance of mitigating cyber-attacks so that they are better equipped to move on to providing services that involve use of technology
At the end of this course, learners will develop an awareness of their own cyber risks and motivated to take steps to protect personal and business data through the following 3 outcomes:

Learning Outcome 1: Explain the importance of cyber security for personal and work environments
Mapped to skills statements
K1. Cyber security threats
A1. Identify potential risks and threats associated with cyber security, such as viruses, hacking, and identity theft

Learning Outcome 2: Identify cyber threats and recognise own cyber risks
Mapped to skills statement
K2. Areas prone to cyber security threats

Learning Outcome 3: Develop action plan to protect personal and business data against cyberattacks.
Mapped to skills statements
K3. Best practices to safeguard against threats
A2. Protect personal and business information from cyber security threats
A3. Interpret cyber security threats that require escalation to relevant team members
This course is applicable for beginners with little or no prior knowledge of cyber security. There is no pre-requisite in terms of working experience.   However, to be able to complete the course successfully, learners should:

• Have some digital literacy in terms of using a desktop or mobile device.
• Completed at least primary school education or demonstrate basic English language literacy equivalent to WPLN level 1 or 2.
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